Jan 23, 2013

How to promote your Android application – The basics

So you have an awesome Android app and you are about to publish it on Google Play.  Now the question is how you get the word out about your great new app.

There are a few basic “Must Do” in order to get Android users to know and download your App.

1.      Develop an awesome app, but off course you have already done it.


2.      Choose your app name wisely – When choosing your app name, you have to make sure that the name describes what the app does. For example, if you have developed a chat app, make sure to combine the word “chat” in your app name. It will help users understand what your app is all about, and will pop your app on relevant search results (meaning it will help your in store SEO efforts).

Your app name should also be catchy, memorable and easy to pronounce.


3.      Design an awesome app icon – The app icon is the first thing the users will see while browsing for apps on Google Play. Make sure your app icon will stand out and will attract the user’s eye to click on your app. A crisp and cool design can help you get many free downloads.

The app icon should be designed in a similar way to the rest of your app.


4.      Write a clear app description – The app description is the text you will upload to Google Play to describe your app.

Before writing your description, make a list of keywords that your app is about. For example, if your app is a chat app make a list like: chat, messenger, im, etc.

Adding the right keywords into your description will help your app appear on more relevant search results on Google Play. Click here for an explanation about app store SEO.


Most users will not read your entire description (especially if it’s a free app), so make sure you write a killer first paragraph that will convince the users that clicked on your app icon they have to get your app on their Android!


5.      Prepare Killer Screenshots – While uploading an app on Google Play, you are entitled to add 8 screenshots of your app. Choose carefully what you would like to display on your screen shots, and what do you want the users to see about your app in order to get them download it!

Choose the order of the screenshots in a way that best describes your app.

It will also be wise to do A/B testing on the screen shots and see what screenshots get you more downloads.


6.      Upload a video to YouTube – On your app page on Google Play there’s an option to add a link to a YouTube video about your app. Try to make a simple and clear video that displays your app, and describes the different features of it. The video can also be a review compilation by users.


7.      Use Social Media – Social Media is a great and easy way to get the word out about your app. Create a Facebook, Twitter & Google+ pages of your app and start spreading the word.

Design your social media pages in a similar way to your app page on Google Play, and add links that direct visitors on your page to your app page on Google Play.
Be active on similar pages or forums. Let bloggers and other page owners know about your app, and they might share it themselves on their own pages and get traffic to your app page.

Have your own friends share your social media pages and help you spread the word about your app. Get them to click on the +1 button on your app page that will help you rank better and appear higher on Google search results of their Google contacts.
              Being active on Social media channels will cost you only your time.

8.      Promote your app with PPC campaigns – Advertising your app with PPC campaigns is a touchy issue and need full attention in order to get good results. If you don’t know how to manage a PPC campaign on the different mobile ad networks, you should be very carfull or you will lose all your marketing budget for nothing.

On the other hand PPC campaigns are a very useful way to get massive amount of download. Read these 6 Basic tips of how to promote your app on mobile ad networks.


It’s getting harder and harder to get the word out about good applications, since there are much more apps available every day. Users are constantly searching for new apps to get on their Android devices, and following these quick steps can help them find your app, and help you get more downloads.

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