Jan 20, 2013

6 Tips for mobile apps marketing

Read this blog post to discover 6 useful tips on mobile apps marketing.

Rather it’s an iPhone or an Android application; don’t just waste your mobile marketing budget for nothing!

 1.     Choose your strategy – First you will need to define your target. For example, your target may be increasing the download number of your app, or it could be to increase the virtual goods usage in your app. Different targets have different ways to getting them. If it’s usage you are looking for, stay away from incentivized downloads.

 2.     Geo target – limit your mobile campaign to specific regions. If you are not focusing on a specific region at least divide your campaigns by countries, because different countries have different CPC/CPI prices. If it doesn’t matter to you where you get your downloads from, test different campaigns in different regions and allocate most of your budget to the cost effective regions.

 3.     Track your campaigns– Make sure you have the technical ability to track the success of your campaigns. Tracking usually works by integrating the ad network SDK on your app, or by a server to server solution. If you are advertising an Android app, you can use the Google advertising tools (AdMob & AdWords) and have automatic tracking. Without campaign tracking, you won’t be able to see where you get your downloads from, and where you should invest your budget.

 4.     Spread your budget– Start by choosing two ad networks and run A/B testing between them. Don’t just invest your entire budget in one pre picked ad network, because you won’t be able to maximize your results. Once you have found your “A” network allocate most of the budget to it and keep testing.

 5.     Test Banners– upload a verity of banners and track which are the ones that have the best CTR & conversion rates. Make sure your banners are clear and that the user will know why he is clicking and why he should download your app.

 6.     Do SEO on the App store – Perform simple SEO activities on your app name & description. Doing so will help you rank better on the App store search results and category rankings. Click here to see more details.

Follow these 6 simple tips that will help your campaigns perform better, and get you a better ROI on your mobile app marketing budget.



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